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Smart Edge Network Video Platform - AI Bluebox


• Supports 8 video streams @ 15 fps
• Video streams support: RTSP ( Real-time-streaming-protocol) cameras & servers.
• Aggregates multiple video streams and performs AI analytics each video streams independently.
• Pre-compiled Analytics library features:
  - Face Detection/Recognition, Vehicle/Pedestrian Detection
  - Providing application programming interface and Neural Network development kit .

Key Components

• Xilinx MPSOC EV board EK-U-ZCU104
• Wireless/wired router/switch

Target scenarios

• Smart community
• New retail
• Attendance
• Access control
• Smart shop
• Tourist Resort
• Traffic monitoring
• Entrance
• Campus
• Building

Smart Edge Camera Platforms

  Long Box Black Box Camera Mezzainine
on Ultra96
Base Board UltraZed-EV (ZU7EV) Ultra96 (ZU3EG) Ultra96 (ZU3EG)
Input Eyemore ISP camera Eyemore ISP camera OnSemi AR-1335
OnSemi AR-0144
• Development to PoC
• Adaptable Lens
• Built-in Wifi increases
• Pre-compiled Analytics
  library features:
  - Face Detection/
  - Vehicle/Pedestrian
• High performance video

• Development to PoC
• Adaptable Lens
• Built-in Wifi increases

• Create awareness
  Xilinx/DNNDK benefits
  and Ultra-96 adoption
• Kick start implementation
  and ease of use from
  raining to real-time
  implementation on Xilinx

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