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STMicroelectronics - STGAP1AS , Gate driver

Automotive galvanically isolated single gate driver

The STGAP1AS is a galvanically isolated single gate driver for N-channel MOSFETs and IGBTs with advanced protection, configuration and diagnostic features. The architecture of the STGAP1AS isolates the channel from the control and the low voltage interface circuitry through true galvanic isolation. The gate driver is characterized by 5 A capability, making the device also suitable for high power inverter applications such as motor drivers in hybrid and electric vehicles and in industrial drives. The output driver section provides a rail-to-rail output with the possibility to use a negative gate driver supply. The input to output propagation delay results contained within 100 ns, providing high PWM control accuracy. Protection functions such as the Miller clamp, desaturation detection, dedicated sense pin for overcurrent detection, output 2-level turn-off, VCE overvoltage protection, UVLO and OVLO are included to easily design high reliability systems. Open drain diagnostic outputs are present and detailed device conditions can be monitored through the SPI. Each function's parameter can be programmed via the SPI, making the device very flexible and allowing it to fit in a wide range of applications. Separate sink and source outputs provide high flexibility and bill of material reduction for external components.


• Up to 1500 V high voltage rail
• 5 A sink/source driver current capability
• Negative gate turn-off
• 2-level turn-off
• Active Miller and VCE clamping
• IGBT desaturation detection
• ± 50 V/ns transient immunity
• 100 ns input-output propagation delay
• SPI programmability and digital diagnostics
• Qualified for automotive applications
• according to AEC-Q100


• 600/1200 V inverters
• Inverters for EV \ HEV
• EV charging stations
• Industrial drives
• UPS equipment
• DC / DC converters

Block Diagram

STGAP1AS Circuit Diagram




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