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Microchip - MCP39F511A power monitoring IC

Maximise system performance with Microchip’s dual-mode power monitoring IC Single IC offers industry-leading accuracy for real-time power measurement of AC and DC power supplies.

In systems that use both AC and DC power, the implementation of dual-mode power monitoring traditionally requires multiple ICs to ensure superior performance and accuracy. Growing applications such as solar inverters, smart lighting and cloud servers often use both modes to maintain safe operation, with AC as the main power source and DC as backup or vice versa. To optimise performance and ease development of these systems, Microchip Technology Inc. has released a flexible dual-mode power monitoring IC that measures both AC and DC modes with industry-leading accuracy of 0.1 percent error across a wide 4000:1 range. Power calculations and event monitoring are included with a single IC, reducing bill of materials cost and firmware development time.


• Real-Time Measurement of Input Power for AC or DC Supplies
• Power Monitoring Accuracy capable of 0.1% error across 4000:1 dynamic range
• Automatic Sensing and Switching Between AC and DC Modes
• Built-In Calculations:
   - Active, Reactive, Apparent Power
   - Active and Reactive Energy Accumulation
   - True RMS Current, RMS Voltage
   - Line Frequency, Power Factor
• Dedicated Zero Crossing Detection (ZCD) Pin
• Dedicated PWM Output Pin
• Automatic Event Pin Control through Fast Voltage Surge Detection
• Fast Calibration Routines
• 2-wire UART: Baud Rate up to 115.2kbps
• 512 bytes User-accessible EEPROM through page read/write commands
• Low-Drift Internal Voltage Reference: 10 ppm/°C typical
• 28-lead 5x5 QFN package
• Extended Temperature Range -40°C to +125°C
• AEC-Q100 qualified


• Consumer
• Internet of Things
• Industrial

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