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Stepping into the future of wireless charging

Go cable free and future proof yourself by tapping into the transmitter technologies developed by Avnet. Wireless charging brings a world of convenience for consumers and business alike. In addition, Avnet’s wireless charging transmitter solutions are Qi-certified and have passed rigorous testing standards.

Avnet’s transmitter solutions can also be used in a wide array of devices that are universally compatible. These transmitter solutions are revolutionizing the wireless charging industry. Not only can these solutions charge mobile devices, but they can also be implemented into devising wireless charging terminals for handheld medical devices.

Transmitter Solution

Wireless charging TX uses MC56F8006
Avnet has developed a 5W Wireless charging(TX) Supply Solution:
• The input specification: 4.9~5.1Vdc.
• The output specification: 5V/1A.
• Transmitter-coil mounting pad to provide correct receiver interface.
• LED indicates power transfer/fault state.

• MCU chip: NXP MC56F8006 DSC.
• Power topology: Phase-shift.
• OCP protection function.
• OTP protection function.

Wireless TX + Power Bank


• INPUT : 5V, 2A (USB-in)
• OUTPUT : 5V, 2A (USB-out)
                    5V ,1A (TX)
• BATT : OVP ( > 4.5V)
              UVP( < 3.0V)
              OCP ( > 3A)
• BATT Charge : CC MODE (0.5A~1.6A Max)
                           CV MODE (4.35V Max)
                           Finish (< 0.2A)
• TEMP1 OCP : > 80C
• TEMP2 OCP : > 80C
• LED Battery Capacity Display

Key components

Wireless Charger – NXP 15W TX


• Compliant with latest Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi specification
• Transfer efficiency greater than 75%
• Meets latest FOD requirements
• Supports any type of 15-watt solution
• Low active RUN power
• Low standby power
• Support for current limited power sources
• SPI, UART, I2C communication interfaces
• On-chip digital demodulation
• Run-time calibration

Key components

Target applications
• Mobile phone charging
• Tablet PC charging
• Point-of-sale terminals
• Hand-held medical devices
• Mobile phone accessories such as battery
• banks and active phone sleeves

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