Avnet Asia Connect
Giving wireless charging a boost

With the advent of wireless charging, developers are looking for an easy and faster way to offer these solutions. To support this demand, Avnet has set up the first spec 1.2.4 wireless charging laboratory and handled nok9 CATS I and CATS II in Taiwan. Products can now be pre-tested before businesses apply for official certification.

Equipped with WPC approved test equipment nok9 CATS I and CATS II, Avnet has also formed a strategic alliance with a test lab to ensure stringent test criteria are adhered to. When a manufacturer completes a product design, the product will be first sent to the Avnet lab for FOD calibration and Qi certification pre-test. The certification process ranges from 4 to 6 weeks but Avnet effectively shortens the wait time leading to faster launches. Additionally, as a QI logo licensee, Avnet’s equipment meets the latest QI specifications which allows businesses a peace of mind when it comes to the testing phases.

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