With the rising popularity of 7.5W wireless charging,
Avnet helps companies obtain rapid product certification

The current wave of wireless charging technology, fueled by the new iPhone from Apple, is showing strong momentum growth. Semiconductor suppliers around the world have started making substantial investments in new IC solutions while a low barrier to entry has furthermore enabled wireless chargers to become the hottest trending product.
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Making wireless charging efficient
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Stepping into the future of wireless charging
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A baseline for wireless charging
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More power to wireless charging
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Giving wireless charging a boost
With the advent of wireless charging, developers are looking for an easy and faster way to offer these solutions. To support this demand, Avnet has set up the first spec 1.2.4 wireless charging laboratory and handled nok9 CATS I and CATS II in Taiwan. Products can now be pre-tested before businesses apply for official certification.
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Products - Wireless charging
Partnering with leading suppliers, Avnet support you a variety choices of wireless charging products.
Wireless Power Reference Kits
Low/Mid Voltage Power MOSFET for Wireless Charging
PowerLife Wireless Charging Coils

Wireless charger
Low Power Wireless Charging System
Texas Instruments
Wireless charging coils

Corporate News
Avnet and Xilinx participate in Tech Talk Series organized by A*STAR Scientists to drive the future of

Avnet signs MOU with the Hanoi University of Science and Technology to launch IoT Masterclass Series
    for engineering students

IoT India Expo 2018 (Mar.5-9, India) India Smart Grid Week 2018 - ISGW 2018 (Mar.7-9, India)
Electronica Automotive Day (Mar 13- SH) IoT Asia 2018 (Mar 21-22, SGP)
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