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Monitoring the pulse of the time

With the rising interest in all things health-related, the number of fitness products has proliferated. The success of these health care products depends to a large measure on the accuracy of heart rate monitoring.

Using a patented dynamic HRM algorithm from its partners, Avnet has incorporated accurate heart rate monitoring within a smart earphone. The performance of this earphone is exceptional, comparable to chest belt and module forms. Besides real-time heart rate monitoring, the Avnet smart earphone offers voice reporting and VO2 Max testing. Innovators can make use of the standard Apps (IOS) or access the API library for further development.


• BT4.0 BLE connection to smart phone
• Real time heart rate monitoring (include their Dynamic measurement algorithm)
• Voice reporting
• VO2 Max testing
• Easier implementation
• Standard Apps (IOS) included or API library for customer further development.


• Well Being – MC998+0/MC-01060+0 (M3C/M4C) module

Target applications

• Smart earphone
• Fitness product

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