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A new height in technology

With the proliferaton of airborne devices, there is an increasing need for reliable altitude heading systems that deliver reliable results at all levels. Avnet’s altitude heading system packs various innovative technologies in a small form factor.

This 10 Dof sensor module is armed with several sensor fusion algorithms, including those for the onboard 3 Axis ACC Sensor, 3 Axis Gyro Sensor, 3 Axis Mag sensor, and 1 Barometer. Besides altitude information from the barometer, this module offers Euler Angle or Quaternion data output for altitude information like roll, pitch and yaw. A must-have for popular devices like the robot drone, VR, air mouse and game stick, robotic cleaner and camera holder. Innovators will also find development a breeze with the static and dynamic calibration procedure.


• ARM CM4F MCU with UART or USB output
• Acc+Gyro/Mag/Baro,10 DoF sensor fusion
• Quaternion or Euler angles data output
• DPS > 1000Hz, Drift < 10 degree/hour
• Roll/Pitch error < +/-1degree, Yaw < +/-1 .5
• 2 AHS computation for both drone / gimbal
• 9 DoF calibration
• Simple command line shell for configuration
• GUI tools for evaluation and calibration

Key Components

• Nuvoton CM0 MCU, M452LG6AE
• ST LSM6DSL / InvenSense ICM-20602
• Diodes Power
• Epson crystal

Target Applications

• Drone / Gimbal
• Robot / Mechanical arm
• Self-balancing scooter
• Robotic cleaner
• Camera holder & imbal
• Game pad / Joystick / Remote control
• Toys

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