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Stopping fire from breaking out

Unintentional leakage of flammable gas is one of the most common causes of fire in homes, offices, gas stations and restaurants. Such hazards can be avoided if leakages are detected early and information despatched to the relevant authorities instantly.

Avnet’s smoke sensor solution is a lifesaver. Using the MQ2 smoke sensor, it is sensitive enough to detect H2, LPG, CH4, CO, alcohol, smoke or propane. (This sensitivity can be further adjusted by a potentiometer.) Once gas is detected, people in the vicinity can be quickly alerted by the onboard LED and buzzer. Building management systems will also receive data remotely via the integrated BLE & WiFi modules. All of which ensure that immediate action can be taken to contain the situation.


• Design is based on MSP430G2553
• Non Isolated SMPS Power Supply based on UCC28722
• Voltage Range: 90VAC - 260VAC
• Smoke Sensor – MQ2
• BLE/WiFi Interface for Remote Alert
• Buzzer & LED Indication for Alarm

Key components

• MSP430G2553IPW20
• TPS73533DRBR
• HDC1080
• TPS560200DBVR
• UCC28722DBVT
• KSC5026M
• CC2541 (BLE Module)

Target applications

• Domestic/restaurant safety device
• Gas station safety device

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